High Quality Legionella Filters


Legionella Filters

Full range of taps and shower Legionella POU filter solutions


Replacement shower head and hose scheme, easy dismantling shower heads and a full range of Legionella Filters

We offer a antibacterial, colour coded replacement shower head and hose scheme, as well as handheld and fixed shower head models designed for deep clean and descale quarterly regimes and a complete range of Legionella tap and shower filters to help you with your L8 ACoP guidelines compliance. Our products are applicable to public facilities such as hospitals, clinics, hotels, care homes, and student accommodation as well as private housing. All our products are WRAS approved.

Legionella Filters

With our complete range of Legionella tap and shower filters from Aqua free, you'll be able to completely eliminate the presence of Legionella at point of use – Taps, showers or even a whole area with inline Legionella filters. Depending on your specific needs we offer a range of inline Legionella filters, Point of Use (POU) tap, and shower Legionella filters, with several lifetime ratings to choose from 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days and 150 days.

Tap filters fit straight into the same adaptors as Pall Legionella filters, saving you on the one-off cost of adaptors. Shower filters fit straight into a standard size hose or pipe, depending on the model or application.



The L8 Shower® was created to be modern and practical. Uniquely, it features low inventory, reducing stagnant water. It's anti-microbial, for end user protection, and colour-coded for peace of mind.


The L8 Hose is also colour-coded to match with each L8 Shower. The coloured fittings ensure hoses are replaced with the showerheads every quarter without fail.

L8Shower - Anti Microbial Shower Heads

New L8 Product Range

Introducing the new product line from Dupal UK. With the easily detachable faces from the L8HS and the L8FX, you'll be able to meet your needs, at a much lower price, without losing any quality.  Clean and descale using our new series - or include these in your replacement scheme. Your choice.  Full compliance and time saving: a guarantee.


An available alternative to our premium product, the L8 Shower®, the L8 HS will fulfill all your needs.

Anti Microbial Shower Heads
Anti Microbial Shower Heads


Fixed shower head model, available for replacement shower scheme.

Easy Dismantling Faces

Our models L8 HS and L8 FX offer quick and easy dismantling of its faces, providing complete compliance of shower head cleaning and descaling for organisations opting for traditional deep clean and descale. The L8 HS and L8 FX still offer the extra antibacterial/antimicrobial protection, and both are fully recyclable.

Anti Microbial Shower Heads

L8 Product Range

Whatever your needs, we have a solution to help simplify and reduce your compliance costs with shower heads. All our products include a cost-free recycling service.

Building Trust

Dupal UK is now the preferred supplier of over 40 NHS Trusts, as well as other institutions and companies with public facilities across the UK. This is the result of our dedicated service and the quality of our products. Our primary goal is to be known as a company that brings excellent value to its customers, helping simplify the compliance with shower heads and hose quarterly deep clean and descale.


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Peace of Mind Service

We supply you new shower heads and hoses every quarter, or whatever period advised by your risk assessment. We collect the used units and recycle all the materials accordingly.
Nothing goes to landfill.


We'll Recycle For You

We collect and recycle your used Showerheads and hoses, helping you achieve your sustainability targets in a cost-free recycling service.


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