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Companies operating in the plastic industry need to plan and act responsibly towards our environment and the future of our planet. From day one, we’ve asked ourselves how we can deliver a sustainable recycling shower scheme and guarantee our clients these materials are being recycled.

To make sure the job is done efficiently, we decided to collect all our shower heads and hoses, return them to our premises, and take full responsibility for the entire recycling process for each material. We assure all our clients that every phase of the recycling process is fully met and that all the materials are being recycled properly.

Our Process

Materials that are part of our recycling replacement scheme: fixed shower heads, hand held anti bacterial shower heads and hoses. They are collected by our courier services and delivered to our premises. The supplies travel back to us accommodated

inside their packaging where they were initially sent in. Upon arrival, we disassemble the units and organise all the materials into categories such as; ABS plastic, reinforced PVC, metal, plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

ABS Plastic


​​Reinforced PVC




Metal, Plastic and Cardboard Boxes


ABS Plastic

The ABS material is shredded, washed and dried. These materials are mixed with a new ingredient, melted and used to produce brand new shower heads. All the colours are separated and managed according to each product, shower head in white and buttons in colour.

Reinforced PVC

Reinforced PVC is almost impossible to recycle in its original form. The PVC itself is physically separated from the textile materials that are mixed within. Only then can the PVC be used again and only on specific circumstances. This process requires specialised equipment and knowledge that we do not possess yet so we deliver all our hoses to one of the few UK specialists who can ensure that 100% of our PVC is going back into other PVC products.



Metal, Plastic bags and Cardboard boxes

The metal from our hose sleeves, the plastic bags and the cardboard boxes, are easily recycled and dealt with by a regular local recycling centre.

Questions About Our Recycling Process?

Contact us by e-mail, sales@dupaluk.com or call us on 01342 844844.