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What is your shower head compliance strategy?

Updated: May 15, 2020

Currently in the UK there are two main shower head and hose compliance strategies followed by most FM Managers: the traditional periodic clean and de scale (still largely performed on a quarterly basis at most sites) and the complete substitution of the shower heads and hoses on the same regular basis, voiding the deep clean and de scale operations all together.

While the latter option seems to be gaining on popularity, judging by the number of sites adopting the practice, there are still many (still the great majority) who prefer to retain the more tradicional clean and de scale procedures. There are many reasons why this would be the case and while we believe the full replacement scheme is the safest and most reliable way of compliance, we wanted to help making the tradicional procedures easier and more compliant without increasing any costs.

With the above in mind, Dupal UK launched a new range of shower heads to help those who chose to comply in the more tradicional way.

The new models include a hand held model (L8 HS) and a fixed model (L8 FX).

Some of the advantages offered on the replacement shower scheme are now transferable to deep clean and de scale:

1 - The ability to easily dismantle the shower head to inspect (no tools required), clean and de scale on a periodic basis;

2 - Anti bacterial/Anti microbial properties, helping to reduce the spread of waterborne infections;

3 - The ability to change colours for inspection and recording purposes, this is achieved by acquiring a kit with extra shower faces, together with silicone seals and washers (as good compliance practice suggests);

4 - The shower heads are completely hollow on the inside;

5 - The shower heads are single function only to keep the number of parts to a minimum;

5 - The shower heads do not feature rubber parts directing the water as this is prone to scale, a favourable environment for bacteria and fungus growth;

6 - At the end of the shower head's life, all materials are fully recyclable and Dupal has a plan to collect and recycle those materials;

6 - These new models compete directly on cost with off-the-shelf shower head models available at trade centres.

This is an opportunity for FM Managers to add the above extra benefits to their compliance, without affecting their usual procedure or current spending.

With the launch of the new product range Dupal hopes to cater for all needs within shower head and hose compliance.

For more information and receive free samples contact Dupal via telephone 01342844844 or email

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