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Dupal UK - Our story so far

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

At the end of December 2015, after a very unexpected episode where both my wife Lorraine and I lost our jobs at the same time (just 2 days before Christmas), we decided to start our own company. We didn't have much choice, with 3 children to look after and being thrown out of our jobs for no legitimate reason.

Both of us have been working within the healthcare facilities industry for a while and we knew what was missing in the market.

We listened to Estates and Compliance Managers around the country, mainly from NHS sites, about their needs and concerns. We knew we could come up with something that could offer real value into the market.

For most of 2016 we designed, tested, re tested and tested again our L8 Shower®. We wanted it to be perfect before it reached the market. We got our first client almost by the end of that year, this was of enormous significance to us. We knew if our product and services were able to meet and surpass our clients expectations we would be doing the right thing.

Since then, Dupal has grown, supplying over 40 NHS Trusts currently and many more now looking to signing into our shower schemes.

The biggest achievement is not so much the number of clients but how happy they are with the products. We are proud to say there has been no faults with any of our shower heads or hoses and we never had a single return during the whole time Dupal has been in operation.

We also keep a tight schedule and record for each of our clients, helping them keeping their compliance up to date.

Last week we launched two new products to complete our offer, extending the options for those clients who might prefer to keep traditional cleaning and de scaling on their site whilst still simplifying the tasks and guaranteeing 100% compliance.

As a company, we look forward to continue helping our costumers reducing their compliance costs - and simplifying their tasks in a sustainable way.

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