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The perfect shower head for any home!

Recently we sold one of our shower heads to a very nice lady, who unexpectedly called us.

This is highly unusual for us as our company mainly sells to professional Facilities Managers. On a professional level you will always look for some qualities within a product that will help you with your job, such as simplifying, reducing costs and compliance. On a domestic environment however this is not necessarily the case:

Most of us as a domestic shower head consumer want to know that the shower is hygienic or easy to clean. Other characteristics are also welcome, such as being water saving or having antibacterial properties.

Fortunately our Dupal L8 shower head has all of the above benefits for the home, making it a very attractive proposition to any household looking for a new shower head. We just do not know how to pass the message to the great public, with so many other good showers available in the market!

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