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A Water Authorising Engineer (AE) point of view

The words below are not from any Dupal UK's team member - they are from an authorising engineer (AE) :

"As an AE(Water), auditor and risk assessor, one of the issues I faced on most hospitals was the auditability of the shower head/hose cleaning programme. Showers are the main source of water aerosols within a hospitals domestic water system, as such their correct maintenance is vital. A paper trail of work completed is only as good as the results of a visual audit. With assorted &/or standard shower heads, a shower that has been missed off the maintenance regime often only gets spotted when scale &/or Slime is very visible. With the colour coded scheme a simple audit can be carried out (site wide emails stating all shower head/hoses should now be “purple” allows the whole site to easily check their showers have not been missed).

Why choose Dupal colour coded showers:

· They come in individual leak proof resealable bags – which helps keep everything together (included new flat washers), clean until used and stops drips from the removed showers.

· They are available in 2 lengths, the longer 1.75m length is very useful for wet rooms where patients in wheel chairs are showered.

· They feel and act like a quality shower (unlike cheaper units that are so bad patients/staff refused to use them)!

· The head and hose are both colour coded – avoids any confusion as to what has been changed."

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