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Disposable Shower Kit Now Available

Disposable shower heads

Dupal has put together new Disposable Shower Kits for those clients who have cost as their highest priority. The kit is a box of 50 colour coded shower heads pre connected to 50 matching colour coded hoses. Made with impact resistant ABS the main body is white with easily identifiable Red or Blue centres and conicals. For sites with less showers to clean every quarter we have the mix box of 25 Red and 25 Blue centres and conicals.

With the kit costing £450 exc. VAT and a fixed £12 shipping charge* this is a very economical way to do away with the traditional quarterly cleaning and descaling procedures, specially for smaller premises who always miss out on quantity discounts.

As we all have a responsibility to divert waste from landfill, we do advise all clients who choose our Disposable Shower Kit to dispose/recycle these products responsibly. There are several recycling companies out there that will accept this type of materials and our shower head being made of only one material is in most cases suitable to go into on site recycling bins. (always check with your recycling provider or local council)

* fixed shipping cost applies to orders within the UK and for orders under £1500.

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