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  • Lorraine Duarte

Shower Heads in Healthcare and Public Facilities: Total Compliance in less time and less cost with L

Public facilities shower head

Looking to revolutionise the way estates teams across the country deal with ACoP L8’s requirement for quarterly descaling and deep cleaning of showerheads and hoses, Dupal UK’s L8 Shower® truly is a simple solution.

The idea of a disposable showerhead is not new and some hospitals already throw away and replace showerheads and hoses every quarter rather than deep clean and descale. Knowing that 1000’s of showers are being put to landfill or incinerated every quarter at great financial and environmental cost is something that needs to change.

The aptly named L8 Shower® is a rather calm and simple solution, with proven antibacterial properties to add extra peace of mind, colour coding to enable 100% certainty that all units are replaced. Old units are collected back and recycled.

“We are aware of the uphill battle estates teams face whilst managing the quarterly compliance for showerheads and hoses. Not only the physical task of getting the job done with added chemical risk but then the lengthy auditing process that follows to satisfy Infection Control.”

The benefits to hospitals estates are endless, the system dramatically saves time, reduces risk to both estates teams and patients, satisfies the environmental factor and to top it all works out cheaper than the now old fashioned method of cleaning.

Customer Feedback:

“ We save so much time vs. the cleaning we used to do. The scheme is so practical and has been well thought out, designed to make our job easier. For once the cost was not too high and we were thankfully able to say yes!”

It seems an area of estate management that used to have us running to the hills is suddenly simple, effective and cost efficient. Well let’s raise a glass to that!

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