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FLUSH 2.0 Automatic flush device for taps avoid stagnant water and Legionella

Automatic Flushing Mechanism for taps to avoid Legionella. 


The mobile flushing system


Water stagnation allows the build-up of biofilm in pipe systems. Biofilm provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella. Water stagnation can be prevented by regular flushing of outlets.


■Compact, self-contained system

■Prevention of microbial contamination,e.g. Legionella

■Automated pipe flushing

■Electronic overflow protection

■Easy to install

■Flexible and cost-efficient


The innovative flushing system

FLUSH 2.0 has been developed by Aqua free to manage the operation of underused water outlets -automatically and individually flushing water pipes to prevent water stagnation and ensuring that drinking water quality is maintained.

This is an innovative battery operated flushing system that flushes hot and cold water pipes in hospitals, care homes, commercial buildings or private homes.

FLUSH 2.0 can be fitted to all kinds of tap or shower outlet, can be adapted to all current thread sizes and is quick and easy to use. The unit can be easily programmed to set the Duration, Flushing Cycles and Time of flushing and can be connected to a data logger providing documented evidence of flushing carried out.


Management of vacancy in:


■Residential and nursing homes

■Hotels and holiday facilities

■Schools, gymnasiums and kindergartens

■Housing complexes


FLUSH 2.0 automatically flushes hot and cold water systems.

It can be fitted to all kinds of taps and showers. Installation of FLUSH 2.0 reduces the formation of biofilm caused by stagnant water, ensuring drinking water quality is maintained at minimal cost and requiring few resources. Optional documenting of the flushing cycles is possible via a data logger.



FLUSH 2.0 Automatic flush device for taps avoid stagnant water and Legionella

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