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Legionella shower filter Up to 4 months of use - fixed model - AS Wallshower

Legionella shower filter Up to 4 months of use - fixed model


Wall-mounted point-of-use filter gives reliable protection. 

High-quality hollow fibre membrane provides immediate protection by holding back waterborne microbes.

Different mounting adapters are available for mounting the AS WALLSHOWER comp filter on water outlets in walls.

■ Safe and immediate protection from all waterborne pathogens

■ Long service life

■ Pleasant spray pattern

■ Compatible with chemical disinfection


AS WALLSHOWER comp-DATA-GB-04/2018-V001


Water Hygiene


The quality of drinking water is usually high. However, a variety of factors such as defects built into the supply

system, low frequency of use of a particular tap or temperature changes in the supply system can allow germs to breed in drinking water. As a result the use of drinking water, when showering for example, can become a health risk. With point-of-use membrane filters, which are installed on the tap itself, any pathogens present in tap water can be filtered out. Membrane filters can provide reliable protection from germs in tap water, especially for those with immature or compromised immune systems such as children and some elderly people.


AS WALLSHOWER comp is a wall-mounted point-of-use water filter to stop pathogens. Its hollow fibre membrane retains 99.99999 % of Brevundimonas diminuta, the smallest of the water bacteria, and thus holds back Legionella and all other waterborne pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The specifications for sterile filtration are thus fulfilled, as has been demonstrated for AS WALLSHOWER comp in the appropriate tests. The filter has a service life of up to 120 days and supplies germ-free water at ideal flow rates, providing the user with reliable protection against all waterborne pathogens.

The shower filter provides a pleasant showering experience with a good shower stream even at low water pressures.




Different mounting adapters allow the shower filter to be installed in many different settings. As a rule the existing shower head is first removed and replaced with the standard AS WALLSHOWER comp fitting adapter for as long as filtration is needed. During the development of the filter, good handling was given high priority: Only standard tools are needed to install it correctly. However with the Rada fitting adapter the filter can be installed on current Rada shower head models without having to dismantle the shower head entirely or fit a replacement shower head. This allows flexible and cost effective filter use in existing installations.


Areas of use

■ Public settings (schools, industrial buildings)

■ Leisure facilities (e.g. sports halls and swimming pools)

■ Residential and nursing homes for elderly people


Technical Data:


■ Measurements: L 155 mm x Ø 61 mm

■ Microbial retention: 99.99999 % (all waterborne germs)

■ Membrane: hollow fibre

■ Service life*: up to 120 days

■ Chlorine resistance**: ≤10 ppm

■ Flow rate: initially 22 l/min. (at 5 bar and 20°C)

■ Operating pressure***: up to 5 bar

■ Max.operating temperatur****: ≤ 40°C

■ Accessories:

Item no. 101445: Standard fitting adapter AS WALLSHOWER comp

Item no. 101568: Fitting adapter Rada AS WALLSHOWER comp


* The service life depends on the water quality, pressure, frequency of use and flow rate required at the particular site involved.

** Continual addition of ≤10ppm during the service life, or short-term (1h) high levels (400,000 ppm) for chemical disinfection.

*** AS WALLSHOWER comp may not be fitted on low pressure systems (e.g. boilers).

**** Use at high temperatures only after prior consultation with Aqua free.



AS WALLSHOWER Legionella POU shower filter 4 month use

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