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Inline Legionella filter for showers - AS Tube and Cartridge MF5

AS Tube and Cartridge MF5 - Inline Legionella filter for showers


Inline hollow fibre membrane filter cartridge system


Effective protection against waterborne bacteria

■ Sterile filtration

■ AS TUBE - Elegant stainless steel housing

■ Robust filter cartridge system

■ Simply, elegant design

■ Cartridge MF5 – hollow fibre membrane filter with high flow rate and flow volume


Water hygiene to prevent disease


In the UK, drinking water is assumed to be clean water. Indeed there are strict guidelines which the Water Supply companies follow to ensure that the water they supply is of an acceptable standard for the general population. However what happens to that water when it enters public building, hotels, our workplace or even our own home? The quality of the water which arrives at the tap or shower outlet can be adversely affected by the water system within a building and how that water system is managed. Water tank hygiene, stagnation and temperature can all allow bacteria such as Legionella to proliferate. Legionella bacteria enters the body through the inhalation of water particles and causes, on average, 200 cases of Legionnaires disease in the UK each year with between 10 and 20 % of those cases being fatal. The HSE ACoP L8 provides guidance for Employers and Facility Managers. Sterile filtration provides an effective barrier to bacteria exiting the water system.


The AS TUBE in-line filtration system comprises of a high quality stainless steel filter housing and the sterile filtration Cartridge MF5 providing an adaptable, effective barrier against waterborne bacteria for both hot and cold water systems. The Cartridge MF5 is equipped with a hollow fibre filter membrane ensuring 7 Log reduction of Brevundimonas diminuta.

This corresponds with the FDA definition of sterile filtered water and provides the guarantee that the filter holds back all waterborne pathogens such as pseudomonas and Legionella bacteria which may be present in the water system. Additionally, filtration does not alter the chemical composition of the water in any way.


The AS TUBE housing can be easily and quickly installed either in-line in existing pipework or directly to a manifold via the G1/2” threaded connections. At the end of its service life the Cartridge MF5 can be quickly changed while leaving the housing in position saving time, money and protecting the environment.

The AS TUBE system provides an adaptable solution for many applications including:

■ Fitting directly to a shower manifold where the use of a pointof- use filter is not practical.

■ Fitting in industrial environments and commercial kitchens where the hard wearing, robust, stainless steel housing protects the filter from environmental influences.

■ Fitting in visible areas where the simple, elegant design sits in harmony with existing sanitary ware.


Technical Data:


AS TUBE Housing

■ Dimensions: Ø 60.3 mm x 157 mm

■ Weight: 1070 g

■ Material: Stainless steel AISI 304

■ Connection: Inflow: G½“ internal thread with retaining nut

Outflow: G½“ external thread


Cartridge MF5

■ Dimensions: Ø 49.5 mm x 100.2 mm

■ Retention: LRV ≥ 7 (Brev. dim.)

■ Pore size: 0,2 μm microfiltration

■ Flow volume*

(guide value): 13.000 l

■ Chlorine resistance**: ≤ 10ppm

■ Max. Flow rate: 25 l/min

■ Max. operating pressure: 5 bar

■ Max. operating

temperature***: 60° C (≤ 30 min. at 70°C over the period of use)


* The value is given as a guide. It was determined using water from the public water supply at a flow rate of at least 10 l/min and a pressure of 5 bar. The user-specific water quality, the water pressure and the flow rate required all affect the flow volume and the filter’s period of use.

** Continual addition of ≤ 10ppm during the service life, or short-term (1h) high levels (400,000 ppm) for chemical disinfection.

*** Use at high temperatures only after prior consultation with Dupal or Aqua free.

AS Tube and Cartridge MF5 Inline Legionella filter for showers

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