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AS Tap - Legionella POU Filter for taps - 60 days filter

60 day Point-of-use tap filter for protection against Legionella

The AS TAP can be easily installed onto a standard faucet using a threaded quick release adaptor - one off purchase when you install the legionella tap filter for the first time, please see product in our store and provides immediate protection through the integrated hollow fibre membrane filter

■ Reliable and immediate protection against Legionella

■ Cost Effective

■ Easy and quick installation

■ Compatible with thermal or chemical disinfection procedures

■ Express delivery options


Water hygiene


In the UK, drinking water is assumed to be clean water. Indeed there are strict guidelines which the Water Supply companies follow to ensure that the water they supply is of an acceptable standard for the general population. However what happens to that water when it enters public building, hotels, our workplace

or even our own home?

The quality of the water which arrives at the tap or shower outlet can be adversely affected by the water system within a building and how that water system is managed. Water tank hygiene, stagnation and temperature can all allow bacteria such as Legionella to proliferate.

Legionella bacteria enters the body through the inhalation of water particles and causes, on average, 200 cases of Legionnaires disease in the UK each year with between 10 and 20 % of those cases being fatal.The Health and Safety Executive has published an Approved Code of Practice for Legionella (L8) which provides guidance for Employers and Facility Managers to help them comply with their legal duties. Point-of-use filters – fitted to any water outlet such as a tap or shower – are seen as an effective barrier to bacteria exiting the water system, allowing time for a permanent safe engineered solution to be implemented.

Legionnaires’ disease is usually spread by the breathing in of water vapour containing Legionella bacteria which is then deposited on the lungs. The bacteria thrives in water temperatures between 25 and 45°C and washbasin faucets by their very nature create an ideal environment for the bacteria to spread. The AS TAP filter provides reliable and immediate protection against Legionella, removing bacteria at the point of use, allowing users to do the dishes, clean teeth or wash their hands safely.


The installation of the AS TAP is easy: simply unscrew the flow straightener from the faucet spout and install the suitable quick release coupling (M22 Female or M24 Male options are available

as standard, as well as Markwik 21 Special). The AS TAP can then be clicked into the end of the coupling. Use the AS TAP filter for the prescribed operating time and then replace it with a new one leaving the quick release coupling in place. Additionally, the AS TAP can be used during thermal or chemical disinfection without affecting the filter performance.




■ Private homes

■ Residential & nursing homes

■ Daycare Centres, Schools

■ Leisure facilities


■ Dimensions: L 105 mm x Ø 44 mm, H 51 mm

■ Legionella retention: 99.99999 %

■ Membrane: Hollow fiber

■ Operating time*: up to 2 months

■ Chlorine resistance**: ≤ 10 ppm

■ Flow rate: initial 10 l/min (at 5 bar and 30°C)

■ Max. operating 5 bar pressure***:

■ Max. operating 60°C (at 70°C ≤ 30 min. over thetemperature: operating time)

■ Connection: Quick-release coupling



AS Tap - Legionella POU Filter for taps - 60 days filter

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