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HygieneSiphon - designed to reduce the potential aerosols from escaping from the drain trap

Siphons (drain traps) have the function to separate the airspace of the sanitary sewage system of the ambient air and thus to prevent the escape of any unpleasant smells from the sewer. This is usually done by a curved piece of pipe, in which the seal water is standing. Nutrient and oxygen supply as well as temperatures between 20°C and 40°C provide ideal conditions of biofilm formation on the inner walls of the siphon and ensure a proliferation of bacteria in the seal water. Studies have shown that the seal water contains a bacteria-average of 105-1010 CFU / ml, of which about 103 to 106 CFU / ml of gram-negative bacteria [1].

If run-off water meets the surface of seal water in the siphon, so-called aerosols (figure A) are formed which contain bacteria [2]. Due to the displacement of air column above the seal water, pathogen-containing

aerosols can enter into the surrounding room air. By typing it could be shown that patients were colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the siphon [3-6]. It was also found that in the seal water species including antibiotic-resistant bacteria proliferate and spread into the surroundings [7-9]. Moreover, it was shown that in

a bacterial contamination with >105 CFU / ml in the seal water a transfer of bacteria on the hands of staff is possible and also a dispersal in the environment can occur [1, 2]. The siphon is a pathogen reservoir and a potential source of infection for patients and staff.


Therefore, Aqua free designed especially the HygieneSiphon for the use in hospitals and nursing, who cares with its patented design for a reduction of escaping aerosols from the drain traps during water running off.

The function is simple but captivating – the run-off water does not come up with high speed directly into the seal water, as with standard drain traps which has a high aerosol formation, but it will be redirected and guided by the HygienSiphon with a low flow rate into the seal water. The special shape of the HygieneSiphon ensures furthermore a labyrinth effect, which barred ascending aerosol the way out of the drain (Figure B).

Due to the replaceable inlet of HygieneSiphon biofilm formation in the downpipe is counteracted and simultaneously it creates an option for easy manually cleaning the inside of the drain trap. Depending on the application it is recommended to change the inlet at least once a quarter to counteract a biofilm and germ formation.

HygieneSiphon 1 1/4"

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